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22: Yoga & You

More Love Yoga / 22: Yoga & You

22 Days | £22

Wanting to start or change-up your yoga practice?

Looking for a new way to boost your self-care?

Wondering how to connect to your inner calm, boost your self-confidence, improve your quality of sleep & all the other good stuff?

What is 22: Yoga & You?

Not only does our nervous system respond well when we take the small and often approach to yoga practice, but finding small ways to master our own daily schedule gives us more motivation to practice.

The programme consists of 22 sessions lasting 22 minutes, each one prerecorded so you can schedule it into your day however you like.

Use these classes to welcome your days, or to close them. Schedule your practice as a full stop between ‘work’ and ‘you’ time. Squeeze in a class during your lunch hour or whilst the kids are napping.

However you choose to practice, claim your daily 22 minutes for yourself…you’ll never regret it! This is self-care time, the way YOU want and need it.

What are the benefits?

Yoga has many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits, including improved strength, flexibility and mobility, reduced stress and anxiety and increased self-awareness, body confidence and clarity of mind. All time spent on your mat is good for the soul!

What does 22 involve?

Inside the programme portal you’ll find 22 pre-recorded classes along with access to a group discussion, inspirational tips, journal prompts and resources.

What happens after 22 days?

The programme isn’t designed to be forgotten after Day 22. You’ll notice that as as muscle memory starts to build, you’ll look forward to your daily time on the mat and you’ll have a library of all 22 sessions to dive into at any time. If you feel inspired you can join my online Heart Centred Hatha or in-person classes.

What do I need?

A yoga mat will keep your practice safe, prevent slipping and become a symbolic ‘calm space’ for you.  If you need some advice on where to find affordable mats, please ask.  Yoga props such as a block and a strap are always useful, but I’ll suggest some great at-home alternatives. Comfortable clothing and a blanket or cushion will make your practice more enjoyable.

I’m not flexible, I can’t do yoga!

If you have a body and you can breathe, you can practice yoga! Everyone’s bodies are different and there’s no right or wrong. As a teacher, I’ll give you prompts and suggestions to ensure your safety, but the most important thing is that you listen to your body and move in a way that feels right for you. My classes are always welcoming, gentle and beginner friendly.

How do I book?

The exchange for 22 is £22 (of course!)

Feel free to email me at karen@moreloveyoga.com with any questions.