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Beauty: Natural Glow

Although my look, both by day and by night is much more ‘just stepped out of the bathroom’ than ‘just stepped out of a salon’, when summer comes around I’m not adverse to a little self-tanning.  Not only do I feel much healthier and full of all the positive-feels with a light bronzey glow but I also belong to the ‘my top half tans but my legs like to stay a special shade of alabaster’ club, and who doesn’t want to be balanced?

As I’m making much more of an effort recently to switch out my products for natural alternatives, I was excited to discover the Isle of Paradise range in Boots.  100% vegan, cruelty free and organic, IOP’s products are packed with hydrating ingredients (think coconut, avocado, chia seed and sage oils) as well as colour corrective technology to even your skin tone.

Jules von Hep, the brand’s founder and self-proclaimed “tanning expert, lover of individuality, giver of glows, champion of body confidence and pioneer of feel good” sounds as fun and on-the-ball as IOP’s branding suggests he is.  The ‘IOP Tan Commandments’ include “Thou shalt always know your worth – priceless”, “Thou shalt take time out for self-care” and “Thou shalt live your best life every day”…without doubt, rules to live by.

The range includes Light, Medium and Dark Self-Tanning Water (mist and blend), Mousse (apply with a mitt) and Drops (add to your favourite moisturiser). With the addition of ‘Disco Tan’ wash-off bronzer for an instant glow, ‘Happy Tan’ everyday gradual tanner, and ‘Prep It’ balancing water to prime your skin, IOP really have thought of everything! The final addition to this gorgeous line-up is ‘Over It: Magic Self Tan Eraser’, so if you’d like to start from scratch or simply want to go back to your natural tone you can do it in the time it takes to shower…I love it.

With prices all under £20, and streak-free, fragrance-free results, I suspect I’ll be in Paradise all year round!

Karen Podesta


  • Laurie
    September 9, 2018 at 7:18 pm

    LOVE this! I’m definitely going to try a little bit of Paradise this winter 🙂

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