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Heart-Centred Hatha

More Love Yoga / Heart-Centred Hatha

Thursdays| 1-2pm | Calderstones Mansion House |Liverpool

Suitable for all levels.

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Yoga awakens the body, mind and heart, allowing us to experience a deeper sense of connection with ourselves and others and a life full of joy.

In this hour-long hatha flow class we will use meditation, breath and movement to activate and balance our heart chakra, the energetic centre in our body associated with love, empathy, compassion, connection and self-acceptance.

This practice will release anxiety, emotional blockages and physical tension, build strength and resilience and encourage us to be more compassionate and present in our lives.  Physical benefits include improved posture, balance, lung capacity and flexibility and reduced back pain.

Each class includes relaxing readings during meditation or savasana, and optional journaling prompts for those who would like to take their heart-work further.

Please email karen@moreloveyoga.com to reserve your spot.  

Pay in advance via PaypalMe: £6 | 6 consecutive class card for £33

View our Class Booking Guidelines here.

Mats are provided  💛