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Living: Slow Down

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Living: Slow Down

Today is the first day in a month that I’ve fully felt the energy moving in my body. That I’ve felt like my true self.  Coming out of the other side of the long and draining (not Covid) cold and flu that’s hit many of us strongly this winter, I had no other option over Christmas and into the new year than to lay low, hibernate, rest and recover.

Historically, January was always a go-getting month for me.  From the 2ndof each month I’d strictly clean up my eating and drinking habits, hit the gym and put pressure on myself to be proactively learning, connecting and goal-setting.  I’d scribble smoothie recipes in a brand new notebook, make a list of everyone I was overdue a catch up with and throw myself into a schedule of running a couple of weekly 5ks in the cold whether I wanted to or not.

Not that any of the above aren’t beneficial activities if you’re truly led to them by passion and instinct, but there seems to be an inherent ‘got to, should to, need to’ mentality that can take over us as soon as the dust has settled on New Year’s Day.

For the past couple of Januarys, perhaps due to the current climate, perhaps due to a stronger inner-knowing that we are designed to move with the pace of the seasons, I’ve lovingly let go of striving and persistence in the new year.  The duvet is my friend, the yoga mat my companion and I’m happy to be still, silent, reflective and intentional.  Of course, my meditation practice and morning rituals allow me to access this state whenever I need it, but to fully embrace it in January space for magic to come through in the form of unexpected ideas, opportunities and manifestations.

After two years of us all riding an emotional rollercoaster, every cell in my body has started to resonate with the words TRUST, SURRENDER and SLOW.

So this month I’ve taken these words to my yoga mat, I’ve taken them to my meditation cushion and I’ve carried them with me. I’ve made conscious and mindful food choices, but I’ve also enjoyed finishing off the gourmet chocolate bar I was gifted over the holidays and enjoyed a homemade rhubarb crumble after Sunday dinner.  I’ve done less. Much less. I’ve finished a book, discovered new podcasts and focused on ‘movement’ rather than ‘exercise’.

So slow down. It will heal your body, your mind and your spirit.  This is how I do January now…and I’m loving every minute of it.

Karen Podesta

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