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Meditation Coaching

More Love Yoga / Meditation Coaching

Heart-Centred Meditation Coaching

6 Week Online 1-2-1 Course

Learn to meditate or explore a new practice in the comfort of your own home.

On this course we focus on connecting to our heart-intelligence.

The heart is where we tap into empathy, compassion, intuition, creativity, resilience and integrity, but stress, overwhelm, anxiety and addiction to our smartphones mean that many of us are experiencing disconnect.

This practice gives you the space to make a deep connection with your heart, explore your core desires and values and shift from a place of fear to a place of love.

Each session includes:

·     ‘Getting to know you’ discussion (first session) and weekly progress update chat

·     Guided heart-centred meditation

·     Mini-meditations to practice during the week (music, mantra, visualisation, core values, chakra)

·     Weekly worksheet with mindfulness exercises, journaling prompts and meditation techniques

·     Supportive emails or texts between sessions and a week-long ‘challenge’ in week 6

Meditation is for everyone and a regular practice can be easily achieved with a little guidance.  I’ve planned these sessions as 30-minute blocks as I know that for some, the idea of meditating for even 2 minutes can seem intimidating.

·     Reduce stress
·     Quiet inner ‘chatter’
·     Build confidence
·     Connect more deeply to your intuition
·     Release blocks and fears
·     Be more resilient
·     Improve sleep
·     Enjoy greater clarity and focus
·     Learn to love yourself

By the end of the programme you’ll be enjoying the many benefits of a regular meditation practice and will have the confidence and motivation to develop your own practice.

6 week course via Skype or Zoom £120

Get in touch to book sessions or ask any questions.