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Yoga: Child’s Pose

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Yoga: Child’s Pose

The moment of surrender is not when life is over.  It’s when it begins.” Marianne Williamson

I love a restorative posture, especially so when the days are getting colder, nights getting darker and cosier and I want to extend that feeling of ‘hygge’ from my external surroundings to my inner-self.

My mantra for November is “I surrender” and Childs Pose (Balasana) is a nourishing, restful posture that allows us to surrender to gravity, surrender into our body, and meditatively surrender to something greater than ourselves.

Whether used between postures as a welcome rest pose, or as an indulgent practice on it’s own, Balasana offers an opportunity for us to slow down, still our minds and reconnect.

  • From tabletop position (all fours), inhale, sitting back towards the heels
  • Exhale, lengthening through the spine, walking the hands straight in front of you towards the front of the mat
  • Rest the palms and the forehead onto the mat
  • Nestle your belly between your thighs, extending the tailbone towards the back of the mat
  • Turn your focus inwards and breathe slowly and deeply, feeling the belly rise and fall against the thighs
  • Repeat the affirmation “I surrender” with every exhale and sink a little deeper into the mat


  • Place your arms down by your sides, palms facing upwards next to your feet.
  • Take your knees as wide as the mat, toes together for a wide-legged childs pose

Child’s Pose is most effective when you are completely comfortable. Try the following modifications to soothe any discomfort:

  • Place your head on a block or bolster
  • Use a blanket under or behind the knees
  • Place a cushion or blanket between your bum and heels
  • Take a wide-legged child’s pose, place a bolster lengthways between the legs and lie over it

More Love Child’s Pose affirmation:

“I surrender”

Love the benefits of Child’s Pose

  • Deeply restorative and calming
  • Resting belly on thighs stimulates the digestive system
  • Opens, elongates and strengthens the lower back
  • Massaging the third eye (between eyebrows) on the mat instantly soothes and sends a message to the nervous system that you are safe
  • Wide-legged child’s pose brings release to the hips
  • Relaxes tension in neck, shoulders and hips
Karen Podesta

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